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Every housewife knows that even if you have the exact recipe some foods, such as seasonings, are always added "by eye". However, here much depends on the cooking experience, innate intuition, and well-developed culinary instincts. Those who do not possess all these qualities have a difficult time. So if you want to achieve the same high quality food, by professional chefs, you need the help of a new invention from designer Jongwoo Choi (Jongwoo Choi) – Ingressure.

This device is designed to determine the exact number of necessary seasonings for soup, sauce or stew. It will help you to understand how much for this dish need salt, pepper and spices, which uses super-sensitive sensors, and various nozzles for all occasions cooking.

It really is a very handy device, especially for beginners, because not in vain this year it became the winner of annual global design competition Electrolux Design Lab Shortlisted.

The device is equipped with a digital screen, outstanding the basic information about the dish you are cooking, and also shows what and how much you still need to add to achieve the best taste. Twisting the knob, you can select the dish you intend to cook.

According to the Creator of this device did not taste cooked food you think is absolute perfection, it may seem ideal to other people. For such cases, and created this device. However, it is difficult to assume that there can be any device that is able to bring the taste preferences of all people to a common denominator. After all, with the same success dish cooked with Ingressure, to some it may seem not enough salt or too peppery. Still cooking food includes such steps as removing the sample and possible adjustments. Therefore, such wonders of technology more completely inexperienced and very insecure novice cooks. For other lovers of cooking it is not necessary.


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