After the bolaven Typhoon, people collect seafood

In Primorye, the vacationers at a popular beach in the Bay of azure suddenly had the opportunity to feast on seafood delicacies. Typhoon "the bolaven" (Bolaven), which swept over the region on August 29, washed up on the coast oysters, mussels and scallops. People collected them literally bags and buckets.

Once the water is gone from the famous beach of Shamora Bay near Vladivostok, to the coast rushed hundreds of tourists.

The beach turned into a free sushi bar under the open sky, people came with bags and buckets. Scallops, mussels, oysters and other edible shellfish each collected as many as I could carry. Do not recall even the old-timers.

The excitement on the shore was not joy only to owners of summer cafes. For Breakfast, lunch and dinner, vacationers preferred to exclusively seafood, with his hands raised. However, some eat the seafood immediately and only raw.

But doctors in the infectious disease Department of the local hospital with news about natural harvest on the beach evaluated with skepticism. Poison, they say, you can even fresh scallops, if you eat them heartily.

The coast is already starting to clear from the sea of gifts, pretty spoiled in the sun. Tourists insistently advised: finds it is better to collect not for the table, and as Souvenirs.




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