In the Philippines hit of Super Mega

Passage of typhoon "Megi" the fifth, the highest category of the Philippines began on Monday. Typhoon hit the north of the country, where the most important from the point of view of agricultural areas. On Sunday, residents of 19 provinces were evacuated because of the risk of landslides. According to experts, the speed of wind gusts in the range of the "Mega" at times exceeded 225 kilometers per hour. The victims of typhoon "Megi" the Philippines were seven people.

To the north of the Philippines on Monday morning, October 18, hit powerful typhoon "Megi" with heavy rains and winds of up to 280 km / h. In the photo: the impoverished area, located under a bridge in the Philippine capital, rushing to for October 18.

Father with his daughters at home, which is located under a bridge in Manila.

Typhoon Megi snapshot from space as of 2.30 (Coordinated Universal Time) October 18.

Passage of typhoon "Megi" the fifth, the highest category (on its own Philippine system - "Juan") in the Philippines began with landslides in mountainous areas and huge waves on the coast north-east of the country. Photo: Heavy rain in the north of the Philippine capital on October 18.


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