How to make tea and Jerusalem artichoke syrup, a natural source of inulin

Topinambur — a plant with an unusual name, but with a huge baggage of useful properties. Inconspicuous on the spine increases hemoglobin and immunity, reduces high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, improves functioning of pancreas. It is used in the treatment of urolithiasis, the deposition of salts, anemia, obesity.

The plant contains many trace elements, minerals, vitamins and healthy fibers. Also it holds up to seventy percent of of carbohydrates called inulin (which is in our body is converted into fructose), betraying the root a sweet taste.

Inulin is not absorbed in the intestine and increases the level of insulin in the blood as, for example, as starch or glucose. Because of these qualities, it is the syrup from Jerusalem artichoke is considered the best natural sweetener.

The syrup imparts a sweet taste of meatless dishes, but it does not increases the level of glucose in the blood. So it can be used as diabetics and those losing weight during a diet.

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Among the useful properties of Jerusalem artichoke and its syrup can note the following:

  • Able to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol.

  • Removes excess fluid from the body, therefore it is recommended that hypertensive patients and people suffering from edema of different origin.

  • Syrup is recommended for diabetics as it does not increase insulin levels.

  • Has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system.

  • Restores metabolic processes in the body.

  • Eliminates heartburn and improves digestive processes.

  • Useful in hyperacidity of the stomach.

  • Successfully fighting overweight.

  • Displays the body of harmful salts.


What is useful for weight loss

Topinambur syrup can replace sugar, it can be used in various diets and in the presence of diabetes. You can add the syrup to almost any dish instead of sugar and various sweeteners.

The use of the syrup improves carbohydrate and fat metabolism, reduces the level of insulin in the blood and thereby reduces the weight. But we should not expect a rapid weight loss. Extra pounds gradually disappear with the improvement of metabolism.

The syrup is deep amber color, sweet in taste and slightly sour. And sour it is due to the added lemon juice, it in the syrup acts as a natural preservative.

Useful both for the body and for weight loss in particular, as it contains only natural ingredients – lemon juice, water and tubers of plants, and by the way, among the natural sweeteners from the Jerusalem artichoke syrup with a low glycemic index (GL – 15).

Calorie syrup (267 Kcal per 100 g), but it is not so much. But despite this, the calories don't will settle as fat, and will go to replenish the energy potential of the organism.

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How to cook Jerusalem artichoke syrup

The product is available for purchase, but you can make the syrup at home, especially because it's not so difficult:

The tubers of the plants to be thoroughly cleaned. Grind until the consistency of porridge in a blender, squeeze through cheesecloth juice. Juice to warm up to fifty degrees and at this temperature, simmer for seven or eight minutes.

Then cool and repeat the procedure five times (for thickening). Heating the last time, add to taste lemon juice. Cool and cork tightly. Homemade Jerusalem artichoke syrup to store in the refrigerator.


How to apply

For the sweet tooth — while diet need to completely remove from the diet sugar and all that it contains, and replace it with the Jerusalem artichoke syrup.

To suppress appetite and improve metabolic processes — if you are a follower of sweet, then to use syrup one tablespoon, one hour before Breakfast and in the evening an hour after dinner. The course of treatment syrup for two weeks.



  • Be careful about taking syrup cholelithiasis. Jerusalem artichoke could trigger the movement of stones and obstruction of the ureter.

  • Also restrict your consumption of flatulence.

  • And of course should avoid it in large quantities. Many does not mean good.


By the way, from leaves and roots of Jerusalem artichoke can prepare a delicious tea. The drink cleanses the body of toxins, excess fluid and accumulated fat.


Jerusalem artichoke syrup can be of a great help losing weight – to meet the need for sweets and at the same time does not harm the figure, but also to improve the metabolism for better health.

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Recipes tea of Jerusalem artichoke

Tea is used not only tubers, but also young leaves, stems and inflorescences of Jerusalem artichoke. But more useful is the drink prepared from the ground parts of the plant.

Artichoke keeps a varied chemical composition. There are a lot of vegetable protein, amino acids, carbohydrates and minerals such as calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, iron.

The leaves of Jerusalem artichoke is up to six percent of pectin. And a large number of b vitamins (At), beta – carotene and vitamin ©.

Another positive feature of Jerusalem artichoke is that it is practically not able to accumulate radionuclides, nitrates and heavy metals, hypoallergenic and non-toxic effects.


What's the secret to slimming tea artichoke

Nutritionists recommend to include in your diet drinks and decoctions of the artichoke. The plant plays a major role in weight loss, but helps to accelerate weight reduction by facilitating the absorption of fats and establish the functioning of the liver, kidneys and intestines.

1. The plant contains in its composition of coffee acid, which activates gall bladder and stimulates the production of bile in the liver that facilitates the digestion of fats.

2. Eliminates toxins from the liver that helps in better functioning.

3. Stimulates the kidneys, combats swellings.

4. High concentration of potassium reduces fluid retention and contributes to its rapid excretion.

5. The Jerusalem artichoke is a huge stock of "diet" of fiber. In its composition are stored polysaccharides are soluble carbohydrates, improves intestinal function and helps prevent constipation.

6. It also helps to reduce blood sugar levels and is used as auxiliary means in the fight against diabetes.


Other benefits of Jerusalem artichoke

Thanks to the rich composition of biologically active components, tea from the leaves, flowers and tubers of Jerusalem artichoke improves the functioning of many systems and organs.

Therefore it is often used as an adjuvant in the treatment of atherosclerosis, anemia, anemia, and various disorders of the nervous system.

As a diuretic it is used in the deposition of salts, gout, kidney stones.

Recommended tea of Jerusalem artichoke for diabetes. The composition of the plant includes inulin, which lowers blood sugar and removes the "bad" cholesterol.

Drink from the tuber is useful to drink to clean the blood from toxins.

In addition to tea, the leaves and blossoms of the plant are used for bathing, which is recommended for people suffering from deposition of salts, arthritis, bursitis, osteochondrosis, and after complications associated with injuries of musculoskeletal system.


How to make tea from artichoke

Tea made from tubers

The crushed tubers of Jerusalem artichoke – 1,5 tbsp. lodges.
Boiling water – 300 ml

In a blender grind the tubers of Jerusalem artichoke, place it in a thermos and pour boiling water. Let stand eight hours. Drink three times a day for 100 ml for half an hour before meals.

Tea from powder

Dried powder of Jerusalem artichoke tubers – 1 h lodges.
Boiling water – 1 tbsp.

The tubers of Jerusalem artichoke cut into thin slices, dry and grind to a powder in a coffee grinder.
Then a teaspoon of powder pour boiling water and give about twenty minutes to infuse. Protsedit. Taken one hour before meals for one Cup, twice a day.

Tea from the leaves

Dried leaves of Jerusalem artichoke – 1 tbsp. lodges. with a slide
Boiling water – 0.5 liters.

The leaves of Jerusalem artichoke is placed in a thermos, pour boiling water, let stand for about three hours. Drink one hundred grams of the twenty minutes before meals, three times a day.


The leaves of Jerusalem artichoke – 500 g
Vodka — 1 l

Leaves pour vodka and allow to steep for fifteen days in a cool dark place. Drink one tablespoon, adding 150 ml water, three times a day before meals. This infusion has cleansing properties that clear the body of toxins and clean the liver.

Recipe for a decoction for the bath

The leaves of Jerusalem artichoke – 150 g
Water – 4 liters

The leaves of Jerusalem artichoke pour boiling water and place on a steam bath. Allow to stew for fifteen minutes. Then strain and add to bath with water. To take a bath for fifteen minutes twice a week. Course – 10 baths.


Contraindications the tea of Jerusalem artichoke are almost there. Except individual intolerance. And of course it is not necessary to exceed a dosage. Women during pregnancy and lactation is best to abstain from such drinks.


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To enhance the properties of tea and ensure healthy weight loss, it is important to practice physical exercise at least 3 times a week and stick to a low calorie diet. Remove from the diet of fried foods, alcoholic beverages and sugar, give preference to a more natural diet with the consumption of salads, lean meat and steamed vegetables.published  





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