A musical house in China

House a piano or a musical house, which is located in Huainan in China. This unusual building as a tourist attraction of the Chinese city allowed to distinguish this city from many other cities. This building is located by the Fairgrounds, where the population appears to be a plan for the construction and development of the new district where you can see streets, houses and squares.

The unusual construction of the house ended in 2007. The reason of building such an unusual house was the need to attract attention to the development and construction of a new district in the city. The main objective of building an unusual house in the form of piano and violin was to intrigue the public – in fact they have achieved. Design house-Royal was carried out by the students Chepelskogo technological University jointly with the company "Huainan Fangkai Decoration Project Co".

The entrance to the building is through a huge violin, and it is an escalator, which raises the people in the Royal. All the structure is made of black and transparent glass. Generally the building was used by a lot of modern materials, including glass. And the unusual design of the building provided the opportunity to marvel at its architecture, both day and night. More than a million people city to a fairly new attraction, an unusual building in the form of piano and violin, which glorified their city to the whole world.

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