Pregnant woman Damien Hirst

The horizon of the seaside town of Ilfracombe in North Devone, England, will soon change and many local residents are extremely dissatisfied with it. There will be a statue of a pregnant woman with a height of 20 meters, mounted right on the coast. One side of women is devoid of skin, showing off her skull, muscles and foetus in the abdomen. In his outstretched hand she holds a sword and scales, hidden behind.

A new bronze sculpture titled "Truth" — another creation of Damien Hirst. According to Hearst — However, it is a modern allegory of justice. The statue was depicted by the sculptor to the local authorities for 20 years and will be posted on the city pier.

After the publicity of this news, hundreds of local residents filed complaints to the local Council in protest against the immoral sculptures, which in their opinion looks bad and can encourage the birth rate among teenagers. A pregnant woman called by many negative epithets, accusing the author of bad taste.

However, the local Council agreed to install a statue in the place of honor promenade. The motivation was the fact that the town is experiencing a decline in the tourism sector, and needed new tourists, which should attract a sculpture of the famous author.

The "truth" of the ball is made of more than four dozen separate pieces at the foundry of Gloucestershire. The sword and shoulders made of heavy duty fiberglass to pregnant woman could resist the extraordinary force of the sea wind and spray in these parts.


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