The British flag from Damien Hirst at the closing of the Olympics

Who watched the closing Ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games 2012 in London, he certainly drew attention to the huge flag, which was turned at the time of this event the stadium. It turns out that the ideas in this metamorphosis also is the author, and the author of this — Damien Hurst (Damien Hirst).

For the Olympics in London has contributed many well-known authors of our time. And it's not just about musicians, actors and Directors who participated in the opening and closing of the Olympic Games, but also about many other famous people of creative professions.

Another contemporary genius of the culture, which, as it turns out, has contributed to the Olympic events, was Damien Hirst. It turns out that it was he who invented to turn the stadium during the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics in the flag of great Britain.

Who hasn't watched the stream of this ceremony, he should explain that during this major event in the field of the Olympic Stadium, the volunteers, holding hands, created sectors, which in the end was filled with athletes participating in the Games. Well, empty "white stripe flag" was used by the organizers for creating them is a makeshift stage. For example, according to him drove the car a member of the Spice Girls on the roof, limousines and modern British pop artists, etc.

It is unlikely at least half of all viewers who saw the closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games in London, you know who Damien Hirst is. But they all saw his amazing work, a huge British flag, of which thousands of athletes from 204 countries of the world.

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