Venus – yacht for Steve jobs

A private yacht is one of the mandatory components of the "gentleman's set of a billionaire." I decided to order myself a chic and movement and the founder of Apple Steve jobs. However, before launching the yacht, named Venus, he did not live — it was only recently, in October 2012. Over the past few years we have seen a lot of amazing super yachts, each of which is several tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. But rich people prefer not to skimp when it comes to their prestige and status. Here to build a yacht decided a few years ago and Steve jobs. And only now she was launched, more than a year after the death of the customer.

The author of the project of this luxury water vehicle made one of the most famous contemporary designers, Frenchman Philippe Starck. And appearance of the vessel is very common with the minimalist design of Apple products, that is, the yacht Venus has become a kind of extension of the range of products from this manufacturer. However, it exists only in one copy!

80-foot yacht has an aluminum body that allows it to be very light and maneuverable. And driving is done by seven of the iMac computer, standing on the bridge! Witnesses said that Steve jobs until the last of his days thinking about the future yacht, made with Philippe stark changes in its design. And he was very sorry that, apparently, did not live to see the launching of this miracle of shipbuilding. In the end, superyacht Venus was a real Museum of Steve jobs, demonstrating all the principles which he invested in Apple's product design in its functionality. This is one of the most thoughtful and stylish water vehicles, in comparison with which the air defence system and a miniature submarine on the yacht Abramovich seem to be the height of absurdity and tastelessness.

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