Jamy Toaster is your main source of information about the weather

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In order to learn about the weather, modern man has no need to look out the window — just turn on the computer and read comprehensive information of what to expect from nature that day. However, now there is a much more pleasant and unusual way to get the morning weather summary — toaster the Jamy Toaster. The toasters in our time can be used for completely different purposes! Some of them operate as a USB hub, others alarm, others the same — in order to inform you some information. Here to last and is a device Jamy Toaster.

Jamy Toaster — a toaster that, in the morning fried bread, maybe bake them a special pattern. And this is not some anal emoticon, or touches the seal. This device will show that you really need. Namely, Jamy Toaster bakes toasts on the weather forecast for the day. For that the said device is equipped with Wi-Fi module, holding the connection with your computer. In the morning when you woke up and started cooking Breakfast, the toaster himself will get information about the weather on the day and display it on toasted bread.

So, in order to learn about the weather in the next few hours, the man even to approach the computer will not need — just to go to Breakfast! Yet there is no information when it will begin selling the Jamy Toaster, and how much it will cost. But the very appearance of such devices is welcome! And I would hope that in the near future there will be other similar devices that will not only show the weather forecast, but also to tie a tie or even walk instead of the man for the job!

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