In Moscow will open the house Museum of Cheburashka

In Kosinskiy Park of the Russian capital, the Moscow authorities plan to build a house-Museum of the famous cartoon hero Cheburashka. The construction of the building in the Park will begin in 2013. This "toy" idea was supported by the Committee on tourism of city hall.


Eduard Uspensky, the Creator of puppet images of crocodile Gena and Cheburashka, said he hoped that the construction of houses and alleys Cheburashka will allocate not less than one hectare. Cheburashka house to be built fairly spacious. But the exact area is still unknown. Must be deployed inside a full exhibit dedicated to the heroes of the Soviet cartoon, created based on the story "Crocodile Gena and his friends".


Next to the Museum can arrange Parking for cars and buses. To the building in the Park will be signs in English, Russian and Japanese. Eduard Uspensky is willing to give in the future the Museum has several exhibits. He also considers it necessary to develop Souvenirs with the logos of cartoon characters, it can be bags, Slippers, wind-up or soft toys, hats Gibus.


At the big house Museum will have Parking, and the institution itself will be signs in Russian, English and Japanese (Cheburashka is very popular; the rights to redistribute cartoons about eared creature and his friends the Japanese got at "Mosfilm" in 2003). The authorities hope that the house-Museum of Cheburashka will attract a lot of tourists.


As for the cost of this project, it is that counted.

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