The trail over the tops of the trees, Bavaria


Two years ago in Bavaria built the awesome design that allows Hiking at the level of the tops of huge trees. The total length of the created trail will be 1,300 meters, it is possible to ascend to an impressive height of 25 meters above the level of the highest trees. Ends as a fascinating journey to the dome is oval with a height of 44 meters. On the top of the dome via a spiral staircase, consisting of 360 platforms-steps. At the top there is a viewing platform offering spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes. In clear weather from here you can admire the mountain ranges of the Alps. This amazing trail is part of Europe's largest nature reserve, Bavarian forest National Park in Germany.

This design is called the Path over the tops of the trees, on the German — Baumwipfelpfad. It begins with a ride on the Elevator that takes You up to the platform with the box office. Stepping out of the Elevator You're already 8 metres above the ground and located below the car Park. On the height above ground will only increase, as visitors will start leisurely down the path, 1300 meters. You will not thus feel any fatigue, as the trail is constructed with a downward slope, just enjoy the gorgeous natural scenery. The creators of the trail wanted to give the traveler a feeling of unity with nature and ease and they are beautifully turned out. The path leads through the forest at the level of the tops of huge pine trees, while in harmony with the natural landscape.

Throughout the trail, you can find also several rides for the most daring visitors. For example, a narrow wooden plank, where you balance on a great height. Of course, you will be wearing insurance and no danger attraction will not submit despite the 30-meter height. The surveillance dome built in the shape of a giant egg, with a gorgeous observation deck at the top.


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