Scotland plans to completely "greened" by 2020

Back in 2010 the Prime Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond said that his government is committed to fully transfer energy complex of the Kingdom renewable energy by 2025. A few months later the Scottish policy has pleased the public even more ambitious statement, which referred to the reduction of the period of 5 years. That is, Scotland will try to reformat your energy, making it a completely "green" by 2020.

A large part of the electricity will be produced using proven wind projects, both on land and sea. Also in Scotland, operate and smaller, but no less promising wave and tidal power, which also will contribute. Total at the moment, the Kingdom has a 7-gigawatt of "green" energy industry and plans to expand rapidly. Despite the caustic comments of the naysayers, until the end of 2011, all went according to plan, moreover, the progress observed so far.

The year 2011 was very significant for Scottish energy companies. According to the Department for energy and climate change, "green" technologies in the past year have received significant investment inflows in the amount of 750 million pounds. At the moment in Scotland operate alternative energy projects with a total capacity of 7 GW, in addition, the total capacity of projects under construction or development, is 17 GW. That is, as they say officials, after 2-3 years, the Kingdom intends to achieve the interim target of 31% renewable energy.

In 2012 the Scottish government plans to further strengthen the planned trend, especially that at the summit "World future energy" Salmond announced the beginning of cooperation with energy companies of the UAE and Abu Dhabi. Governments intend to combine their resources and technology to accelerate the development of alternative energy. The main attention will be focused on onshore wind turbines and technologies for carbon sequestration.

"The cost of land in the sector of wind energy should be reduced by 20%, so that these sources become competitive" — said the Prime Minister at a press conference. One of the main priorities of the Scottish government sees an increase in the efficiency of infrastructure and renewable energy sector and the search of cheap ways of transmission of energy over long distances. Salmond has repeatedly stressed the need to create commercial benefits in the field of alternative energy, to be able to scale its growth.

"The real benefit is that the technology is evolving through joint efforts of several countries" — said the Prime Minister – "as a result, we will be able to demonstrate to the world that the widespread introduction of alternative technologies is a reality"

Salmond expresses great confidence for the development of renewable energy sources in the country, as well as for future investment in this sector. The Prime Minister also denies the widespread view that "green" plans for Scotland are of a political nature in terms of positioning the country's independence in the United Kingdom. Whatever it was, the government's plans are indeed very promising.

Scotland intends to take a leadership position in the field of marine renewable energy (particularly tidal complex is planned to expand to 2 GW). These ambitions can be really far-sighted. With regard to wind energy in the Kingdom, according to experts, this sector can expand up to 30 billion industrial complex is already planned for 2020.


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