Garbage truck of the future

It is believed that once the waste is something extremely unpleasant and ugly, and the garbage truck needs to attract the attention of others except that its terrible, but not beautiful appearance. However, the designer Jad Bek al-Sheikh (Jad Bek al shaikh) has decided not to accept the status quo and has developed its own design so important for a civilized society vehicles like the garbage truck.

The creation of this roomy truck under the name J. D Truck its author was inspired by a snail shell, with a stunning curved shape and textured surface. However, it was easy to guess, only once seeing this truck, because it is not only shaped like a snail, but every little thing it details thought through from design to functionality. So, the top of the cab it come with a string, like the horns of a snail, while performing the role holders top marker lights. And a huge windscreen not only promises more in comparison with modern trucks overview, but also creates the impression that this car drove right out of a sci-Fi movie about the future.

This futuristic vehicle is a real garbage truck of the future, attracting the attention of not only the outstanding form and bright coloring. However, it is intended rather to travel around big cities with exquisite architecture, in the countryside on bumpy roads present it is simply impossible.

A huge body of this truck seems extremely cumbersome, but actually it turns easily thanks to its innovative design, which consists of two parts: the tractor and trailer. The only comment that immediately comes to mind when looking at this giant that four wheels may be enough for vehicles intended for the transport of large amounts of waste. In other respects it is a perfect modern garbage truck new generation.

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