Beijing-Guangzhou – a record long high-speed railway

The construction of high-speed Railways will require serious investment, but the benefits of this are priceless! This truth is well understood in China, where for two decades actively developing this kind of transport infrastructure. A few days ago in China opened the world's longest line of high-speed railway, linking Beijing with Guangzhou! China seriously engaged in the construction of the great Chinese railroad, uniting in one rail network to all States East and South-East Asia. And one of the stages of this long road – the launch of high-speed lines Beijing-Guangzhou on 26 December 2012 the first of the year! This line at the time of its launch was the longest high-speed railway in the world! Its length is 2298 kilometers. Early trains overcame the distance in 24 hours, now, with the introduction of high-speed traffic, that time is reduced twice.

The train started up on this new railroad, moving at speeds of up to 300 kilometers per hour, and do on the way between Beijing and Guangzhou just three stops in major Metropolitan areas in the course of movement. Moreover, according to the new line running from 150 pairs of high-speed trains. Still, Beijing and Guangzhou is one of the largest cities in the people's Republic of China, with a total population exceeding 30 million people. And, considering what an important economic role in the economy of the cities, you can understand that 150 trains in each direction per day is a real necessity, not the desire of the Chinese to throw dust in the eyes of the world! In future, this line will be extended to Hong Kong – the most important economic centre in all of Asia, directly adjacent to the city of Guangzhou!

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