Again, made in China. China launched the longest high-speed railway

's longest high-speed railway was launched on December 26 in China. The line will connect Beijing with the city of Guangzhou in the south. The total length of high-speed railway was 2.3 thousand. Km. On the route provided 35 ostanovok.

The composition will move at an average speed of 300 km / h. Launch of the new trains will reduce travel time from 20 to 8 hours. Route will run about 120 trains. The fare from one end to the other in Grade 2 will be about $ 140. Running high-speed railway has already attracted the attention of passengers. All tickets for the first flight were sold another 25 dekabrya.

Entering a new line has increased the total length of high-speed railways in China to 9.3 thousand. Km. Launched in 2007, the Chinese high-speed railway has quickly become the world's longest. In 2015, its length will be 16 thousand. Km.



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