Honey massage at home

Honey is a very valuable and useful product, it has long been used in the treatment of various diseases. In recent times you can hear about the benefits of honey massage.

The benefit of this massage is that the massage itself has a positive impact on the skin and subcutaneous fat. Honey massage helps to relax muscle and nervous system. Due to effect of massage movements improves circulation of blood and movement of lymph. The nutrients of honey has a positive effect on the entire body. Chemical composition of honey is very rich: it consists of healthy complex carbohydrates, amino acids, organic and inorganic acids, vitamins and minerals.

All of these components revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. Honey massage has a calming effect on the nervous system, eliminates toxins and excess water from the body. Due to this action of honey massage has found its place in the programs weight loss and anti-cellulite. Usually the honey massage course consists of 10-15 procedures, which are performed every day. If it is not possible to take a course of honey massage in the salon, at home on your own to do this procedure. To do this, prepare the honey, it needs to be natural, better buckwheat. Then honey add vitamin A, E, and natural essential oils.

Additional components to improve the action of honey that will positively affect the condition of skin and organism as a whole. You can massage the feet, hands, buttocks and belly. The duration of the procedure up to 15 minutes.

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