Sea vehicle - Shark

This sea vehicle called Shark (which translates as "shark") from the company Aguila Design has the shape of a supersonic wing, which compared to a form of "Delta" is strongly rounded at the top. On top of the housing is located an elongated cockpit for the pilot, the necessary equipment or fuel tanks. The upper rear part of the housing on both sides of the cabin are two air screw to ensure the suspension and steering. The underside is equipped with skis.

The aerodynamic centre, i.e. the place around which the total momentum of the lift force at a certain speed independent of a fixed angle is in the far back of this vehicle. Thus achieving longitudinal stability. Lateral stability can be provided an air bag of the airfoils. Directional stability is achieved due to the profile of this extraordinary vehicle and is observed at an angle of about 50º. Also they are the size and shape of the cabin is already contributing to increased stability on the water.

On the surface of the water, the spine is split and installed in the horizontal position of the aerodynamic profile. As a result, the induced drift of the airfoil is greatly reduced. This means that, despite the high fixed angles of the vehicle, the drift is limited, which has a favorable effect on the energy consumption of the main engines.

Vehicle dimensions constitute 2.99 m in width and 3.66 m in length. Screw size – 77 see Speed is not exactly specified, but according to the developers it is higher than any other known marine vehicle.

This ship is designed to perform any purpose from a civil (as transport for the carriage of passengers and cargo) and for defense purposes. Given the fact that it is only a concept, the developers allow the introduction of additions and improvements, as well as reduce (e.g., for use as a water taxi) capacity. Currently, the authors are looking for investors and hopefully they will be able to bring their idea to life and soon we will be able to see these wonderful mechanical sharks to bowl tourists and scout the seas.

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