7 biometric technologies of the near future

The biology of each person is in many points unique, gait, fingerprints, moles, color drawing the eye and veins on the hands. Researchers worldwide are working on computer programs that can recognize individuals for their inherent only to biological traits. In the future, these biometric technologies will help in solving crimes, will ensure early detection of impaired motor functions such as in Parkinson's disease, and will act as a simple and easy-to-remember passwords.

Speaking of biometric device, be sure to take into account the question of how it remains reliable over time. The man's height, his weight and face change with age, can change and biological properties. After organizing each new biometric idea should be realized in affordable and reliable hardware and software.

Individual biometric device are at different stages of development. Some of them are used, for example, fingerprint scanning and retina of the eye. Other approach (automatic detection of tattoos), whereas to many more decades of research (detection of eye movements). But they are all United by the fact that are extremely effective means of identification.

        Magic the palm of your hand

After a large-scale fraud in 2005, the government of Japan has demanded a more reliable alternative to the magnetic strip of ATM card. Japanese companies responded by scanners that recognize palm vein patterns of a person. Such scanners appeared in 20 thousand ATMs in Japan.

        The entertainment factor

The movements and the pressure that people make on the touch screen, personal electronics, unique, scientists laboratory, in which such pressures are converted into passwords. What is the advantage of using gestures over the touch screen instead of passwords? Many find them more fun than the introduction of long, secure passwords with uncomfortable keyboard electronic tablets.

        Biometrics for the soul

Can the device be recognized by touch? The company "Bionem" has developed a tiny sensor that can capture the beat of the human heart through the fingertips. Then the program identificeret biometric identity scheme pulsations of our main body. Now the company is trying to sell the technology.

        Computer habits

The U.S. Department of defense wants to get technology that can identify people by the rhythm of typing on the keyboard or on the terms that they are interested in on Google. Although these characteristics may seem relatively new to mankind, they still remain the biometrics. In this way I hope the military not to allow cyber criminals to interfere with computer systems.


This biometric device is still in the early stages of development. The scheme of movement of gaze on the screen for each person is unique, and using a cheap scanner you can capture these specific eye movements. The study of specialist in the field of computer technology Oleg Komogorceva may also open avenues for future computers, when to use it will be able to click on the screen only with a look.

        Lovers tattoo

Database guardians of the law already contains pictures of tattoos of people, but a new computer program will help to organize the data. It automatically compares the evidence, such as stills cameras security systems photography database. The mapping also works for moles, scars and other marks on the skin.


This rug will recognize the gait of the person using the network of fiber optic cables. This would help staff of nursing homes to care for their elderly patients, gait which may change before the disease.

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