Pomegranate prolongs youth

In ancient times, the pomegranate symbolized immortality, eternal fertility and a happy future. It is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and minerals: calcium, silicon, iron, potassium and iodine. Pomegranate is a source of folic acid, the lack of which also contributes to premature aging.

About the healing properties of "Carthaginian Apple" (the so-called garnet the Romans) people know more than one thousand years. And this Apple is truly rejuvenating: pomegranate — a powerful antioxidant that is stronger than the activity of blueberries, grapes and green tea. Because of these properties pomegranate extract protects skin from environmental aggression.

Garnet has the unique ability to not only slow down aging and are excellent preventive measure against atherosclerosis, colds, improves digestion and boosts immunity.

Pomegranate juice has a beneficial effect not only by ingestion, but also when used externally. It is an indispensable natural remedy for facial, body and hair. Pomegranate juice is used in the manufacture of various cosmetics. Masks, creams and lotions with pomegranate juice have on the skin anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, saturate it with vitamins, minerals and vitality. Due to its high bactericidal action otbelivala and pomegranate will help to get rid of freckles, age spots and acne.

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