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Older people who regularly perform physical exercise, thus protect yourself from age-related memory impairment. Scottish scientists from the University of Edinburgh decided to check what is the impact of regular exercise on cognitive abilities of older people. As you know, with age, the brain decreases, the relationship between the nervous system worsens, and also reduced their numbers. In the result, the elderly often face problems with memory and thinking.

For their study, they invited a total of 700 elderly people aged 70 years and over, regularly doing exercise, and watching their health for three years. At the beginning and end of this period, was carried out brain scans of the subjects, the results of which scientists were compared with a control group whose participants did the exercises regularly. The result was that older people that devote time to physical exercise, better protect your brain from age-related changes than those who do it from time to time. At the same time, psychologists say that participation in social projects, or work on the psychological training did not bring any benefit for brain health of the elderly.

According to the authors, the results of the study show that exercise can be considered as one of the important ways to maintain brain health. At least this way you can reduce speed reduce it in size. Studies have also shown that physical activity at age 70 years and older helped to preserve the integrity of the white matter and volume of gray matter in the brain, which was confirmed in the scan result.

"The results of our study show that anyone who wants to support brain health, needs to move more, not lead a sedentary lifestyle. We hope that the next phase of the study will help to reveal the cause of this phenomenon. Meantime, one thing is clear – increasing physical activity, even with a few minutes a day walking, we will help the brain to stay healthy," said head of the research team Dr Alan Gow of the University of Edinburgh.

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