The secrets of the mobile phone, which You didn't know

Every mobile phone has such functions which you never knew! Here are a few features that were created for emergency cases:

The first case:

112 is a number which is always available to dial in cases of emergency situations. Operates worldwide. Even if you are offline you have the ability to dial 112 and the phone will search for emergency numbers within available in your area networks.

This number can be dialed even if the keypad is locked! Try (just do not follow the connection).


Second case:

You left the keys in the car and locked it?

Another argument in favor of buying a mobile phone: if the keys remained in the car, and the house is spare, dial someone who is at home, hold the phone at a distance of 30 cm, so that the relative pressed the button. When the relevant sound signal and your car will open!


The third case:

How to block STOLEN phone? To find out the unique serial number of the phone, just use it: *#06#

You will see 15 digits. This code is unique to each phone. It needs to be recorded and kept in a safe place. If Your phone is stolen, call the operator and say your code. The operator can block Your phone. Now, even if you change SIM card, the phone will be unusable. Most likely, the phone back no returns but you will be sure that the thief will not receive from it no benefit at all.

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