Why are cut hair and how to deal with it

Split ends are so called because the tips of their split. They break easily, get confused and look dull. Especially suffer from this long hair — hair longer than 30 cm will inevitably start to flake at the ends, not withstanding the impact of numerous external factors.

Split ends appear after frequent perms and coloring, the use of alkaline soap and a hot dryer, direct contact with sharp comb and strong burning in the sun and sea breeze — all these factors lead to dryness of hair, loss of natural lubrication and moisture. Long wearing one of hair, horse's tail or fleece, the parting provokes hair breakage and promotes the formation of split ends.

Experienced hair stylists suggest to cut off the tips of tired ha1 smkazhdyj about a month and a half. It may sound intimidating, especially for those who are trying to grow a braid, but believe me, due to the fact that the tips will be able to breathe, your hair will grow faster. But if you want to speed up hair growth, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine, which have passed centuries-old check.

Your task is to provide access to vitamins and minerals the entire length of hair, from roots and finishing tips. This can be done by increasing the doses taken of vitamins and minerals, including nutrients that we receive with each meal, and pharmaceutical preparations, and also with the help of special tools developed by modern laboratories and traditional medicine.

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