Xkuty One: lightest electric scooters

Spanish craftsmen have once again tried to surprise the most discerning of consumers by presenting the concept of the lightest scooters in the world. Manufacturers emphasize on the fact that the Xkuty One all the same bike, but in the case of two-wheelers was not found not a hint of pedals or a chain, which puts them utterance questioned.

The creators of the amazing electric bike with futuristic looks, claim that the Xkuty One is incredibly easy to use. The bike is not even attached instruction manual. In order to start the electric motor of eco-vehicles, it is necessary only to press one single button on the body.

Scooter can definitely be proud of its technical performance. The unit weighs 45 pounds, capable of speeds of 45 km / h for a distance of 45 km on a single battery charge. Two litievykh battery with a total capacity of 17 amp-hours charged to the limit from the usual outlets for two hours. The Spaniards, at the same time, vehemently trying to convince everyone that "full tank" of their scooter will cost just 50 cents.

As for the exterior, the Xkuty One looks fantastic, and there is nothing superfluous. On the "photos" all scooters are painted in white-green color that has become extremely popular among electric vehicles, but the company's representatives manufacturer's claim that owners will be able to choose the color of the chassis and seats.

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