The pictures were painted by fingers

Many names in the art world belong to people who work perfectly with a brush on canvas. We often admire the riot of colors and emotions that noble masters put on canvas, waving his essential makeup brushes. However, the time change, breaking down stereotypes, people are more likely to learn to amaze. For example, the American artist iris Scott creates beautiful works on canvas, but without the drawing tool. The American proved to the world that masterpieces can be paintings, painted just the tips of the fingers.

Today the work of the girls has even its name — Fingerpainting. The history of this kind of drawing is very funny. For a long time, iris worked in Taiwan. At that moment there was just heat waves, when the demon of the air conditioner to work was unbearable. Once the artist had to change the tone of the drawing, and then rinse with the brush of the previous paint. Iris decided not to experience yourself the heat (not to deviate from the air conditioner) and just continued to draw with your fingers. Since Scott took up the brush.

The new technology seemed the girl more and relatives. She draws everything – landscapes, portraits, still lifes, etc., Each of her paintings is not just drawing, it's a show where the main leading actors are the fingers. Each work is American women are wonderfully emotional and alive. While the author is not going to change the already familiar latex gloves for brushes.

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