Automatic smart driver assistant


Driving a car with every year becomes all more easy and enjoyable. And all thanks to the many devices that help us in this matter, such as Automatic intelligent assistant that works together with mobile phone driver.

Many cars are equipped with a device that shows the driver the fuel consumption while driving on the road. A similar function is performed by a device called Automatic that's in intelligent mode explores the issue and gives sound signals advising thus to speed it up or slow it.


This device will examine your driving style, to find out where and when you are using more fuel than is necessary, and then give you advice on how to fix these errors. This feature will allow motorists to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year on fuel.

Automatic is a special module which can be connected to the car via the USB port. In seconds, it synchronizes with the mobile phone of the driver and will display all the information on the screen of the smartphone.


Automatic is also able to remember where you once parked and subsequently to drive it there. He also, like the app from Cisco and Streetline can learn about where you want the space is available for Parking and to build a route on the map to them.

Personal assistant driver Automatic you can already pre-order on the website of the manufacturer of this device at the price of 70 U.S. dollars.

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