Aviator game online

The easiest and safest strategy to play in Aviator is to play with minimal odds. This will most likely allow you to earn a significant amount in several rounds.
The purpose of this is to remove the aviator game bet in automatic mode when the coefficient of 1.1 is reached. Of course, in this case you should not expect spectacular winnings, but with each round the rate will increase by 10%. Thus, after ten rounds, the original bet will increase twice. The only limitation in this case may be that every few random bets are not played and the money is burned. The main thing here is not to catch Lucky Joe's flight by a factor. These odds intend to appear every half hour in order to drive the most cautious out of the game.
To protect yourself from such a loss, you need to wait for him to play several rounds at odds of x1.03, x1.09, wait for 3-4 rounds and only after that start betting. you should not bet more than 2-3 in a row from odds on 1.1. With the simplest arithmetic, with a deposit of 2500 and bets of only 10%, daily earnings can be 1750 EUR per day. And this is without anything more than 50 thousand per month.

Game fork
Aviator rules allow you to place two bets per round, which means that each player has 2 times the chance of success. With this strategy, we will fully implement both proposals. The essence of the strategy is that the first bet takes back the sum of both bets, so that it does not go as a minus.
All attention will be needed to play as part of this strategy. The main thing is to wait for the moment when the high-stakes rounds will begin in the game. We are making two bets at this point. For the first, we put the automatic output to the coefficient x2.0, and for the second, we close it ourselves, after waiting for the coefficient x4-x5. Even if you have no luck and Lucky Joe flies earlier, the first bet played in automatic mode will cover the loss.

3-on-1 Strategy
This is a successful strategy based on two different bets. This is convenient in cases where bets do not fall for a long time from the odds of x5-x10. The essence of the strategy is to take out a big bet using a cash out at a low rate and try to catch the jackpot with a low bet. For example, in the case of two bets of 100 and 300 Eur, the latter will be the insurance policy. We will play with an 85% probability of 1.4. So, by putting 300 EUR in the automatic withdrawal, you will earn 420 EUR. It turns out that even if the second bet is not played, you will still remain black.

Strategy Down the Ladder
This game strategy will suit players with low balance. According to statistics, few players are triggered when playing in Aviator. A special feature of this strategy is that each time you increase the bet and reduce the automatic withdrawal rate. Let's say, starting with a bet of 200 Eur at odds of x2.0, you continue to bet all your winnings at a lower rate. Thus, the next bet will already be on 400 Eur with odds of x1.8. And so on. If the first bet is not played immediately, then you can try again, but having already made two bets of 200 EUR with a coefficient of x2.0. In case of a win, you will beat off the previous loss.


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