Products that can spoil the mood

During food intake in humans, the hormone of happiness – endorphin. According to the scientists, not all products can cause a person a feeling of happiness. Scientists from the U.S. made the list, where there is a list of products that can spoil the mood.

1. Chips

Very dangerous product consisting of harmful acidic compounds, and its composition is acrylamide, which is carcinogenic. They adversely affect the human body and produce dependence, which is similar to the narcotic, and also block endorphins, and are often the source of many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Ham

Made in industrial conditions, the ham is composed of a huge amount of filler, sugar, dye, preservatives, nitrates, and salt that can trigger a bad mood.

3. Sugary drinks

After application of such beverages in the blood directly increases the amount of sugar and just as quickly reduced, which leads to mood swings and it happens quite dramatically. Part of their structure sodium benzoate, can suppress the activity of cells responsible for fermentation.

4. Margarine

A product that contains all industrial fats omega-6, or to be precise made out of waste. A very long time, scientists have argued about its dangers or benefits. Numerous experiments have shown that margarine also affects our mood.

5. Processed pumpkin seeds

In industrial production, the treatment using potassium bromate, and this leads to blocking of the thyroid gland, preventing uptake of iodine. Have also a property for spoiling the mood, but as scientists have identified it is not long.

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