The secrets of champagne production

In the North-East of France is a very beautiful region, which in addition to the charming landscapes, the legendary traditions of venteliste. The name he is to wear the appropriate champagne. It is here that originated the customs of the creation of sparkling wine. Very surprising is the fact that with the huge number of ready-made products, wine produce here only 2% of the territory.

First grapes on this glorious land planted by the Ancient Romans in the 5th century BC. The beautiful region is very reminiscent of a beautiful area of Italy called Campania. This Italian province and became the founder of the name of the French homeland of champagne.

Today sparkling drink is very popular all over the world. Many of the inhabitants of the planet just can not imagine even a small celebration without a bottle of good champagne. But few people know that French winemakers had to be very hard to compete with the forces of nature to learn how to produce a truly good drink.

There are great assumptions that the first champagne was purely by accident, subsequently natural processes. In the process of permutatio already spilled wine, began to occur in the process of secondary fermentation. The resulting wine weight liked the wine, after which they presented on the market of grape drink champagne.

Today, the process of making champagne is very well technically equipped. To begin make wine from grape juice that is directly squeezed it with his hands. Well, our favorite bubbles appear as a result of the special phase of production. This French region has over 500 villages that are engaged in the manufacture of champagne. Each village has a different shade of the drink.


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