Why the people of the Faroe Islands kill dolphins?

Among the Atlantic ocean there is a small group of Islands that belong to the Kingdom of Denmark — Faroe Islands. In truth, it is hard to imagine that forcing people to live in the middle of nowhere.

Here, for just a little more than 1000 km2 is home to about 50 thousand people.

The island has long been able to die, or residents could emigrate to the mainland, if not for "help" from the sea. To help residents come to some of the most intelligent creatures on earth — dolphins.

In the summer months when the sea is calm and the water is heated to its normal temperature, from the Bay that leaves a lot of small fishing boats.

As soon as they find a group of dolphins on the radio immediately report its coordinates ashore and other vessels. First, fishermen are driven grind together, and then gradually push them into the Bay and ashore.

People nadayut a flock of frightened grind, stick huge hooks into their respiratory valves and dragged ashore. Then, special sharp knives make the cuts on the head, cutting the spinal cord and carotid artery.

After slaughter of desyatkov grind, the water in the Cove turns bright red from the amount of blood.

Every year thus kill 1000 grind, providing islanders about 500 tons of meat and fat.

The irony is that the Grindadráp has a negative impact on the health and population themselves foresaw. Many residents of the island fall ill and die due to the high mercury content in the bodies of these animals.

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