Faroe Islands, Denmark, named the best in the world

According to a study conducted by the National Geographic Traveler, Faroe Islands, Denmark, named the best in the world: 522 experts in the field of tourism were unanimous in recognizing their uniqueness. Experts note perfectly preserved nature, good-natured locals, delicious cuisine and a rich cultural heritage. In addition, in the foreseeable future ecology of islands no danger.

Faroese believe that an archipelago of 18 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic - is the legendary Atlantis, plunged into the ocean for centuries. The archipelago with a total area of ​​about 1,400 square kilometers today live 50 thousand people. The indigenous people of the island, about 98% of the population speak one of the most endangered languages ​​in Europe - Faroese, Icelandic and Old Norwegian kinship. The second official language of the Faroe Islands is Danish.

Of course the Faroe Islands primarily affect monumental relief and landscape - bizarre rocks, crevices, waterfalls, valleys, lakes - from all this grandeur of nature is breathtaking. Adds color wooden churches, small villages and towns. However, Faroe Islands - this is not a paradise earth. Although they appear to Faroese so remarkable that few of the locals emigrated. A Faroese writer Franz Jørgen Jacobsen not without humor, said that if the Faroe Islands was the climate of the island of Capri, people did not go to Capri.

But in the Faeroes 280 days a year pouring rain. The islands are surrounded by extremely violent and troubled sea, which in a maze of rocks produces a terrible surf. Often rampant terrible eddies that move the huge mass of water. The island has no natural forests. Only grow herbs, mosses, lichens. But the only people who have visited the Faroe Islands say that this is where you experience some whole new level of freedom.


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