Island with a crown of clouds

Lítla Dímun - the smallest of the 18 Faroe Islands, located between Scotland and Iceland. The island - 0, 8 square kilometers, the highest point - Mount Ravan height of 414 meters. The island is uninhabited, except for those frequent occasions when his girdle clouds or deposited from above, in the form of caps.

The name "Duymun" supposedly comes from the Celtic language and means "two hills". Refers to the two mountains on the neighboring islands of Greater and Lesser Duymun.

Small Duymun never been inhabited. Its only inhabitants - sheep and puffins. Sheep graze here since ancient times.

On the island - the poorest flora of the Faroe Islands, there were only eight species of plants.

In 1850, the island was sold at auction for 5000 Danish thalers. During the bidding royal representatives artificially inflate the price in order to enrich the royal treasury.

In summer 2006, 28 young people from Iceland (11), Norway (8) and Greenland (3) and the Faroe Islands (6) under the project "Silent Island" lived for three days on the Small Duymune. They had no cell phones, no cameras, no clock, no TV. But each had a pen and a notebook in which they had to describe in detail their experiences of living in complete isolation, silence and solitude. On the basis of these records was planned to write a theatrical play.


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