British scientists introduced the invisible dogs

"We are responsible for those who tamed" — said someone great. This is certainly true, but what to do when relatives are sorely against animals. Even a small dog not allowed to have.

It remains to deal with the majority of households, and to indulge in a little furry friend. But not everything is bad in our twenty-first century. Was in Brooklyn (Brooklyn), you can buy a dog, which is devoid of all available, possible and even impossible ways." Moreover, with these mutts, pit bulls, and Chow-Chow, no problem, so they are still invisible to the human eye.


Yes, this is not a joke. Dogs just invisible.

Of course, invisible dogs don't exist in nature. It's just a joke, a prank toy, which is issued by the local factory. Toy in the form of a free leash and collar were invented in the 70-80 years of the last century. Since then everyone can afford any pet, any breed, what you want, up to and unreal rocks.


And recently, more precisely the 3rd of October, a group called Improv Everywhere, was one of the craziest regular shares they bought and gave everyone 3000 invisible dogs, asking them to walk around in the area for an hour or two. All these strange hosts of invisible Pets play with my Pets in the parks and just walking on the sidewalks, resulting in the shock of passers-by.

All the people played together. Children leaned over to pet an invisible dog, many shops, where the entrance with animals is strictly prohibited, posted on the occasion of the campaign of the announcement: "We are Dog Friendly Invisible" (the invisible dog).


Yes, such an animal can come in any institution, even the title of the feast to the Queen of England...

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