Why skim milk leads to obesity

As you know, US kids decided to give the skim milk to avoid obesity. Recently it became clear that such a product has the opposite effect, the effect of which you now know. In the United States of America in the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia pediatricians conducted a study that crossed the expectation of the benefits of no fat milk. As it turned out, milk without fat helps maintain optimal weight and can lead to obesity.

To begin with, the organizers interviewed 11 thousand parents about how the milk they fed their children aged two to four years: fat, skim or soy. After that, the scientists made a small weighting. The results were indisputable. As it turned out, kids who drank only skim milk, more often suffered from the presence of excess weight. Namely, among the four-year obesity was 16% of children, but among the younger, that is, a two-year – 14%. Interestingly, among kids who drank only whole milk, problems were much smaller. Thus, among children who turned two years old, problems with obesity was 8% among four-year – 13%. And to sum up all percentage figures, it turns out that those who had problems with excess weight, by drinking skim milk was 57%.

Not very comforting numbers. It turns out that caring about health, we are doing him further harm. A paradoxical moment. But this is only at first glance. In fact, according to doctors, this situation is even understandable. The thing is that fatty product, in this case milk, faster nourishes the human body. Because after drinking this milk, we don't want to eat. So, we not begin to "eat" additional products, which are composed of more calories.


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