Than amber are useful for male power?

Balm checked more than one generation. Produced by: 50 grams of amber, which defies jewelry processing should be crushed with a hammer into powder and pour 500 grams of the 70 — degree pledge. Infused for two weeks in a dark place, from time to time shaking. Sun stone in two weeks almost completely dissolved and all healing enzymes remain in the liquid. Then filter and pour into a dark bottle. Used the balm 30 minutes before meal for 20-30 drops, twice or thrice a day. The healing properties of this balm enhance immunity, men give strength.

Strange and effective treatment of ulcers and abscesses is common sand. Actually, it is heated and applied to the ulcer. When itching will help a handful of celandine and succession, it poured all 3 liters of water and boil 5 minutes. Put to cool. To wipe the spots itch a little heated broth and wipe several times a day. One persistent fractures and weak bones, then you need to dry egg shells, crush them, adults take 2 tablespoons in the afternoon and evening, all washed down with honey. Children enough 1 tbsp. For three weeks eat raw egg yolk.

Insomnia and fear will help the jam from Heather, used 2-3 tablespoons per day. You can still make this drink: 50 g of fennel seeds added to 250 g of Cahors wine and cook for 10 minutes. To use insist hour before bedtime 1 tbsp. spoon. Who has a sore throat take 1 tbsp. spoon of Apple bite and honey, dilute in 0.5 glass of warm water and rinse a throat. And when you cough you can drink a decoction of viburnum and honey 1 Cup of viburnum throw up to 1 liter of boiled water, all mixed and cooked 8-10 minutes. Strain, add 3 tablespoons of honey, take 0.5 cups 3-4 times a day.

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