In Paris, will build the first eco quarters

In France near Paris Gare De Rungis will be the first plan provides.
As it became known, the author wants to build a unique area that will minimize the consumption of electricity, and the access of vehicles will be completely closed.
The first eco-quarter in Paris, the city authorities want to enter into operation in 2014. Developed in 2005 the project of the city areas, will give rise to a series of ecological neighborhoods of Paris.


Architect Bruno Fortier wants to provide on an area of 4 hectares between Montsouris Park and Plaza Italia short the consumption of electricity, limited access for cars, new ways that will connect the station and the Boulevard Kellerman and system for collecting rainwater.
According to the plan, to "eat" the buildings will be from solar energy, which is converted with the help of solar panels.


Architect Winnie Maas will build in this quarter, the first in Paris, the building for the office of the air force, which will employ around 900 people on the area of 19 000 sq. m. according to the architect, in the heart of the building will be empty. Visually the feeling that it made a hole. In this "hole" will be a patio, where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy sunlight.
Instead of driving a car around the block will ride buses. An important place on the route will also take cyclists. Great traffic flow here will not work because of the small space that the founders of the project still left for fans of four-wheeled transport.

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