How to surprise your friends with culinary masterpieces, if you do not know how to cook

Why not just come up with restaurateurs to attract visitors to his establishment: some barbecues over the volcano, others rely on the interesting process of catching fish, and someone has their tables at the foot of the waterfall. But the British "restaurant Housebites" relies on human laziness.

Now no one was surprised by the delivery of restaurant food at home, but the institution, which is now in question, a step further — they bring together with food, unwashed dishes in which your order is prepared. Why, you ask? This is especially for those who want to impress their friends and acquaintances, and utensils, so to speak, for reporting.

But it is quite expensive: plus $ 5 to the cost of ordering — and it's almost half the price, but those who return to the restaurant clean dishes, do a discount — $ 2.5. The price of deception. Moreover, this service is very popular among residents of Albion, after all, the idea came to the managers of the restaurant after correspondence with customers in social networks.

It's amazing what people will go to please others. Do not understand the art of cooking girls must have taken note of this service is to charm the object of their sighs. The main thing that this innocuous deception is not moved in the tarnished reputation and destroyed the lives of people, because, says one of the wisest laws of life: the truth always becomes apparent.

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