Green Apple: the electric car that purifies the air

Automakers around the world every day designing new and amazing ecological cars that do not harm the environment. Local Motors has approached this issue in more depth, proposing a concept car that will not consume a single liter of fuel and will clean the air in cities. Futuristic Green Apple is a little different from their counterparts with an electric heart. The same control system, all the same battery. Concept cars are unique due to the incredible air purification system that is installed on Board.

"Kid" is equipped with several inlets, in which, when moving, it comes to urban pollution. Flows through specially designed filters that can completely clear them from impurities and harmful substances. According to the developers, from the "exhaust" pipe Green Apple will break out the crystal clean air.

This system, installed on vehicles of mass production, will allow to fully edit the existing ecological situation around the world. More than a century it was believed that the car is only a source of pollution, which can only harm the environment, now, the situation may change radically, according to representatives of the company Local Motors. The concept of a Green Apple according to critics, would become the indisputable leader among the city cars not only because of its environmental qualities. The machine is extremely compact, can accommodate three people and, besides, it is planned that the speed of "refueling" from the ordinary network will not exceed half an hour.

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