Biodegradable packaging for cookies Chez Marie

One of the leading American brands in the world food production has decided to attract new customers rather original way, only a few are changing the packaging. Now Chez Marie offers its customers a new ecological and biodegradable containers for cookies.

Use plastic or plastic containers for product sales has become one of the reasons for the increase are not biodegradable waste which cause irreparable harm to the environment. A lot of consumers that support the "green" lifestyle or simply to attract new "conscious" buyers fully or partially passed on the ecological packaging for their products. For example, the Brazilian fast-food chain "Bob's" offered its guests edible packaging for burgers, instead of the usual paper.

The company management explains the appearance of the new packaging that this will partially reduce the cost of labor-intensive recycling. Despite the costly production of the, in the end, the decision should bring the company a major profit. That is why the question is raised to transfer all products giant on ecological packaging.

As Chez Marie gradually buys up small enterprises engaged in the production of vegetarian and "green" foods. This is because the Chairman of the Board as Chez Marie, and other similar companies consider ecological production not only safe, but beneficial.

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