Kris kuksi — the most famous and popular sculptor of the modern age

Kris kuksi is an American artist and sculptor with a remarkable talent and hard fate. Childhood Chris was very heavy, he grew up on the farm of his stepfather, who drank a lot. From a young age he worked hard, which probably left its mark on his work in the future.

As for his works, they show the tragic potency of eternal life, which at the same time, is eternal death. The work of Chris show the eternal struggle of life and death in which people must fight to the last, even if it leads nowhere. This philosophy is quite pessimistic, but this judgment is really sincere, will present the state of Affairs of the whole World.

The main thrust of the works is to open many people's eyes to a simple life that is full of constant pursuit of material values, greed, selfishness.
His work has received various prizes and awards, exhibited in many galleries around the world, are in private collections of many celebrities such as film Directors Chris waits and Fred Darst and President of Nike, mark Parker. We can say that Kris kuksi is the most popular and well-known artist and sculptor of our time.

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