What to do if your dog barks constantly?

Most likely, this dog interferes and the owner, and others, and long to endure such difficult. A formidable phrase, kicks and claps in such cases is not going to help — the dog is unlikely to understand something and get rid of bad habits. Therefore, to wean from empty Brekhov we must be consistent and do not hurry.

It is easiest to start training when the dog is only brought into the house. To do this, when the first cases barking "just because" just make the dog may be small but a punishment: tsyknut, slap in the face, to shout. The main thing is that the puppy knew that he was guilty. Since dogs by nature don't want to upset the owner, the puppy will soon forget the habit of barking for no reason.


If the dog is too old to retrain her a bit harder, but possible. Often the reason lies not in the obedience of the pet and the other problem — maybe the dog is sick, hungry or worried for another reason. If the barking does not stop, veterinary care will help figure out what's wrong with your dog. Most likely, after getting rid of the discomfort, the dog will not be in vain to shake the air.

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