The world's first fully plant plastic bottle

According to the company, combining various biological and chemical processes, developers were able to create a molecular structure that has the same characteristics as a PET bottle, which is made on the basis of petroleum products with use of vegetative materials (the technology that exists today).

Finally got the bottle and externally difficult to distinguish from a simple plastic bottle. In the future PepsiCo want to expand the range of renewable resources that are used to create the bottles, hoping to include in the composition of the material for "green" bottle of orange rind, potato peels, oat hulls and other food waste.


Vovsne PepsiCo not the only company that is on the path of development of environmentally friendly bottles for their soft drinks and other products. So, another big manufacturer of soda, Sosa-Cоla currently produces bottles that use 40 percent plant materials, and the company claims that its 100-percent plant bottle now at the stage of laboratory testing. And in the establishment of plant PepsiCo bottle is not the only attempt the transition to more environmentally friendly packaging.

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