Plastic kettles are harmful to health

Sometimes the risk of waiting where a person is not hoping to meet her. For example, in the kitchen, every ordinary family has a lot of things, with which you can easily get hurt — knives, appliances, gas, glassware, and similar irreplaceable items. But who would have thought that the quiet and cowardly, and, daily, ruining our health be safe on the kettle.

So, while researching electric kettles, the experts found that plastmassovaya devices after boiling in water, emit a highly toxic substance, formaldehyde. While nasty the water gets twice the allowable concentration, causing significant health damage: you can receive a gift of headaches, depression and even cancer.

Interestingly, the researchers conducted the same experiment over kettles with glass and metal housings. But these patterns when interacting with water not allocated no dangerous substances. That's why experts suggest to prefer glass or metal pots, not paying attention to the colorful plastic beauty.

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