How Breakfast helps weight loss

Experts from the Royal University conducted experiments on 20 volunteers. The experts studied the activity of certain brain regions using magnetic resonance scanning to first on an empty stomach, and the next day after Breakfast (its energy value was 750 calories).

After completion, volunteers were given lunch. Brain imaging on an empty stomach showed increased activity in the pleasure centers and areas of the brain associated with hunger. While dining that day, the test subjects prefer to eat large portions of high-calorie foods. Moreover, in the absence of Breakfast was consumed more high-calorie food than after eating the morning meal.

Therefore, scientists concluded that in the morning you should eat, which reduces hunger throughout the day and protects from over-eating and consumption of fast food. "A complete rejection of Breakfast cannot be recommended even to those people who follow a strict diet to lose weight," — said study leader Professor Tony Goldstone.

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