Wind turbine generator Invelox 600% more effective analogues

The company SheеrWind from Minnesota, USA, has recently introduced a new technology for the collection of wind energy Invеlox. According to SheerWind announced the results of research, new development show that, on average, six times greater efficiency than the common generators. With all this, the costs of Assembly, installation and operation of ShеerWind below that make the new system competitive in comparison with gas and hydroelectric systems.

Unlike teperishnie turbines, Invelox can capture the wind of almost any type and speed, even if we will focus on the soft breeze. Getting in the intake opening, wind flow accelerates inside the unit and sent to the generator, which is located on the ground level. Thus, even assuming the use of smaller blades, the system can still generate more energy.

To confirm the effectiveness of new technologies will be required to conduct independent testing. If it confirms the success of SheerWind, in 2014 the installation will go on sale.

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