UV door handles will deliver us from germs

Among the many different phobias is quite common a germaphobe, or fear of contamination by germs. Naturally, cleanliness, which is brought to the extreme, some can only raise a skeptical sneer, but on the other hand, very often on the side of caution, maybe not so unnecessary.

For example, is hardly a germophobe person who wants to touch the door handle in a public toilet – it's no secret that held a couple times a day treatment of disinfectant in such cases, simply may not be enough. Of course, the same can be said of any other door handle.

So why not use a pen that can clean itself, and, in addition, is almost constantly? This is the idea and implemented the concept from So Vom. In order to deliver visitors to restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets and other public facilities from harmful microbes, this project has provided the presence of ultraviolet disinfection systems, activated automatically when the handle is not touched. Despite the fact that such pens are now only in the form of the concept, the idea seems pretty good, as evidenced by the award from Red Dоt that she deserved.

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