Environmentally friendly and economical three-wheeled car Elio now on gas

American automotive market is replenished with new Eliо Mоtors, which, according to the plan of the Creator, should be good to shake up the auto world USA. The whole point of that three-wheeled "old man" Elio is now much more economical and more environmentally friendly.
New car from Eliо Motors — the cheapest in America. Its value in the markets of USA was not more than $ 7,000. But, the main feature of a novelty — it's not.

New Eliо made primarily of trips around town and short distances on the highway. This is no ordinary car as it has only three wheels. Elio-3 is quite economical and practical vehicle as working on new gas. Power 3-cylinder engine — 70 BHP the car has a small trunk for storage. The salon is built on the principle "1+1", next to the driver's seat is the only passenger seat.

Although at first glance Elio may seem "weak" among their four-wheeled brethren, but he easily accelerates to 161 km / h, while the mark of 100 km / h reaches in less than 9 seconds.

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