The Clark brothers, which with age become younger

At the appearance of their homes, we can say that Tony and Christine Clark are raising two 7 year old boys. Toy Railways and parts from monopoly raschitany around the house and on the TV all the time are cartoons.

But the Clarks are actually two adult sons who share common interests little boys and emotionally they behave well. As the hero, played by Brad pitt in the movie "the curious case of Benjamin Button," the 39-year-old Matthew and a 42-year-old Michael with age become younger.

Both were diagnosed with a terminal form of leukodystrophy, a very rare genetic disorder in which pressure on the myelin, or white substance that is found in the cells of the nervous system, the spinal cord and in the brain. It is from the white matter depends on the signaling throughout the nervous system.

Myelin — a variety of components, which is why its proper functioning depends entirely on the work of many genes. Thus, disturbances in one of the genes can cause the formation of myelin sheaths occur in the defect, and it can not work properly. As a result of disrupted and slowed down the transmission of nerve impulses, gradually emerging diseases of locomotive apparatus, as well as intellectual abilities begin to wane, more may significantly worsen the perception of impulses from sensory organs. Over time the symptoms gradually worsen as the myelin continues to crumble, for several years leads to a complete mental and physical degradation, and eventually the patient dies.

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