To cope with all the trouble to help aromatherapy

In our time, the effectiveness of essential oils confirmed scientifically, sometimes doctors prescribe aromatherapy for immunomodulirutaya and treatment of diseases such as acute respiratory infections, colds, flu and runny nose. Essential oils can be used at home, with a special aromatic lamps, or in the bath. If you prefer the second option, you need to remember that aromatherapy oils are not poured on the stones, as the oil begins to burn. It is best to dilute scented "cure" in warm water.

Aroma oils for beautiful skin:

Hands. Hands and face are particularly vulnerable to bad weather. From lack of vitamins, wind and dampness, rukm begin to dry and peel.

15 ml almond oil

15ml argan oil

10 ml oil of wheat germ

10 ml of evening primrose oil

10 drops of lavender oil

2 drops rose oil

The "stars" on the face, dryness and peeling.

Beriberi affects the General skin condition (dryness, flaking) and the state of the vessels: the capillaries burst and formed the so-called stars, which are especially noticeable on the cheeks and decollete.

Face oil

30 ml (2 tbsp) of oil rose

10 ml argan oil

10 ml borage oil

10 ml oil of wheat germ

6 drops of essential oil of parsley

2 drops of essential oil of violets or orange blossom

Aroma oils for hair:

Before applying the mixture to the hair, carefully rascalities.

Tool with ylang-ylang from hair loss

6 drops of scented oil ylang-ylang

10 ml borage oil

10 ml of evening primrose oil

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