Most fuel efficient car: a car with an engine from a lawnmower

Students of the University Brigham young in Utah have designed the most economical car that can cross the entire country from East to West, from Utah to Michigan on four litres of fuel. A car in the shape of a fish weighs less than 40 kg and shows incredible results economy.

Tank car puts close to 20 grams of fuel to a miniature engine from a lawnmower used only for acceleration of the vehicle to the desired speed, after which it shuts down, and economical car just glides coasting down the road.

The new version of the machine from the students of the University Brigham young has a weight of almost 10 kg less than the old model. To maximize fuel economy, the IUI team added ceramic insulation to the lawn mower engine and made a couple of modifications to the electronic engine management.
At competitions the teams had identified 20 grams of fuel to drive the 16 kilometers track. Vehicles reached an average speed of 15 miles per hour, the judge re-measured the amount of fuel in the tank, and then calculated the average range on four litres of fuel. Last year on the competition team, VUI won second place with the final result 1825 km 4 La this year they are aiming for an even higher result – 3218 km on the same amount of fuel.

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