Using a trimmer or a lawn mower?

Cottagers, gardeners, owners of private farms, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right garden equipment, including lawn mowers and trimmers. How to choose between these two similar in purpose units?

Already there are many detailed materials on the subject: "What to choose trimmer or the lawn mower?" Therefore, this issue will deal briefly and touch on the highlights.

Trimmers: design and application

The trimmer is a manual device equipped with electric or gasoline engines, designed to cut grass and low weeds. As a cutting element which can be used cord is nylon monofilament with a thickness up to 2.5 mm. Trimmers are designed primarily for mowing low grass on small plots and in remote places where the use of lawn mowers because of their design features impossible. That is, the trimmer may be considered an auxiliary unit that allows you to mow the grass around the trees, in narrow aisles, on the left.

But on small plots with an area of about 6-10 acres trimmer can be used to cut grass as the main equipment, but on the condition that the quality of cut doesn't matter. This is due to the following features:

  • Inability to adjust cutting height
  • The impossibility of a smooth, uniform mowing grass
That is, for trimming lawns trimmers are used, but they are indispensable when finishing hard to reach areas.

Lawn mowers and their features

Lawn mowers mostly intended for mowing grass on lawns. In this regard, they have the following features:

  • The adaptive height of the knives – the operator adjusts the height of cut grass
  • The possibility of uniform mowing – lawn mowers on the wheelbase is able to cut the grass very evenly, which is very important in the care of decorative and functional lawn (football fields, tennis courts)
  • The ability to handle large areas – high performance machines
Self-propelled lawn mowers or model of "Ride on" allows the operator, without making any effort to mow the grass in the squares of 20 acres or more. And the quality of the result is much higher – the grass is mowed evenly, and in the presence of the storage tank or bag the grass going into it – the lawn remains clean and does not require additional harvesting a Christmas tree in January of grass.

It is not necessary to choose between the trimmer and the mower are two complementary techniques that solve different problems. And if in the area from 10 acres you want to see a beautiful lawn and manicured garden aisle, you will need a mower and trimmer. And when you select each of these units need to pay attention to the following features:

  • Engine type (electric/petrol)
  • The power and width (determines performance)
  • Type of cutting elements (defines the nature of the cut and the possibility of working with vegetation of different thickness of the stems)
  • Availability of options (reverse, collector, etc.)
Manufacturers and prices

On the Russian market the trimmers and lawn mowers presented in a wide range by manufacturers such as "BOSCH", "Makita", "MTD", "Champion", "ECHO" and others. As for the price, the trimmer motor power up to 0.5 kW, and the cutting line as the cutting element will cost an average of 2000-4000 rubles, and diesel analogue power from 1 kW will cost 5500 rubles and more. Lawn mowers are presented in the following segments: BOSCH power 1.2 kW with a discharge and a width mowing 32 cm will cost 5,500 rubles, with the seizure of 40 cm and a capacity of 1.7 kW – 9,000 rubles, and the petrol lawn mower Honda power 4 HP Oud will cost 55,000 rubles.



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